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What brings you joy?

This is a crazy time.

This is an unusual time.

This has never happened in my lifetime.

Home schooling, working from home, sheltering in place, not being able to work, wearing masks in public, one-way aisles at the grocery stores and the country is virtually shut down. So many emotions have ran through everyone on how to handle all of this. Many of my parent friends have struggled through homeschooling their kids and working from home at the same time. Others, like me, have struggled because we live alone and are secluded from our friends and family. Thankfully we do have technology that has helped us see the faces of those friends and family that we miss so much. We are all finding a new way of life right now and I am here to say do what works best for YOU!

Many companies are offering a variety of free services to keep people busy. Peleton is offering 90 days free on their app. I am taking advantage of this one. I have also decided to try some things on my bucket list that I thought I never had time for before. I am getting chess lessons from a friend of mine twice a week through zoom. I also decided to try an app that gives you stretches to be able to do the splits in 30 days. I’m 41 and I have never been able to do the splits, so why not try now?

I am thankful to still be working and these random new hobbies are some of the things that help me stay sane. I also understand that not everyone can do the same or even like the same things. I list these things only to give ideas. What is on your bucket list that you may be able to start trying? Another free opportunity out there is the #next90daychallenge with Rachel Hollis. She is providing FREE content each week that is intended to help you manage through these times. Each week has a different topic and different calls to action relating to the topic. On week 2, her topic was joy. With all that is going on in the world, I believe we all need some joy in our life. Each person finds joy in a different way. Her suggestion was to write down a list of the things that bring you joy and do some of those things each day. A few of mine were travel, beaches, friends and family, working out, dancing, sunshine and reaching out to friends I haven’t talked to in a while. (I have always loved to keep in touch with people and see where life has taken them.) Obviously right now I cannot travel, and I cannot see my friends or family. HOWEVER! What I can do is workout. I can go outside and enjoy the sunshine. And I CAN reach out to friends I haven’t seen in a while. There is actually science to prove that moving your body helps your mood. I’ve even had dance parties by myself to dance it out like Meredith and Christina do on Grey’s Anatomy. Try it and let me know how you feel after!!

Don’t stop there! Don’t just make the list and leave it under a pile of notes or random papers on your counter or on your desk. A key after making this list is where you put it. I have this list right next to me as I type this. It is somewhere I see it every day. Some other people have suggested creating a gratitude list. List 3-5 things that you are grateful for that day. And it can be simple things such as water, your dog, or a funny meme you came across on social media. Whatever gives you that sense of gratitude!

I would love to hear from you. What is it that brings you joy? What are some things that you are thankful for? Email me and tell me what are some of the things you have tried during these times to keep the sanity? And please hear me when I say there is no right or wrong to this. It is whatever works for YOU and your household. I hope you are safe and healthy. Remember what brings you joy and find a way to bring joy into your daily life.

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