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Jodi C. Greve

Entrepreneur,  Author, and motivational speaker

Basketball has been a huge part of Jodi’s life. From player to student trainer at the University of Arkansas to coaching women’s collegiate basketball for 14 years and helping lead the SFA Ladyjacks to two conference championships, basketball allowed her to motivate and inspire many athletes. But she also had an opportunity to travel in circles with elite athletes that she learned from, including All-Star NBA and NFL players as well as Olympians. 


Surrounded by this world of high performers, Jodi got in tune with elite human behavior and mindset and realized that her skills were not only useful on the basketball court but in life.  It was this broader perspective that helped Jodi take a leap of faith and pivot from her coaching career on the courts to a coaching and motivational speaking career. 


Today, Jodi is a motivational speaker, performance mindset coach, and author. She travels all over the world, teaching people about healthy approaches to mindset and body, and that achieving any goal and winning doesn’t mean that you always finish first, but that the skills you gain along the way set you up for a bigger win in the long run. 


She has visited all seven continents, 29 countries, every U.S. state, and conquered 3 amazing treks: Mirador Base de las Torres in Torres del Paine National Park, a portion of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and the world's highest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.


It is through her journey of meeting different people from all walks of life, coaching and guiding them through challenges, that makes her an incredible speaker who offers empathy, compassion, and tactical approaches to a winning mindset. 



-Aleah Hayes, Head Volleyball Coach

"Trinity Valley Volleyball thoroughly enjoyed sharing time with Jodi! She is an inspiration to young female athletes and helped my team realize there are constant challenges in athletics and life, but we can push through and achieve our goals if we pay attention to details, receive help when given, and give grace to ourselves. We are grateful for Jodi and I will have future teams read her book."

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