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Just as life doesn’t always go as planned, Jodi endured many unexpected circumstances while she trekked the path toward the peak of Kilimanjaro. She pushed past her limits and shifted her mindset to vanquish the mountains of negativity, injury, and defeat one step at a time.  


The pages of this book are filled with excitement, inspiration, and how to overcome adversity. It gives accounts of events that occurred before and during the climb along with glimpses of Jodi’s childhood that led to her competitive nature.

They say it’s not the destination that matters but the journey. Whoever “they” are, got it right. My Life in the 50 States is a collection of stories, observations, and experiences – some funny, some poignant, some thought-provoking, all interesting – from coach and globetrotter, Jodi Greve.

Athletes quickly learn to be tough, physically and mentally; they need to be able to not endure pain and pressure while maintaining a high level of performance. Even more importantly, athletes analyze their weaknesses so they can defeat past failures and win the next time. All athletes lose games, but the successful ones are the ones who have the perseverance to keep trying until they achieve success. Athlete to Entrepreneur highlights stories of former athletes to give a behind-the-scenes view of their journeys.

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