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"Trinity Valley Volleyball thoroughly enjoyed sharing time with Jodi! She is an inspiration to young female athletes and helped my team realize there are constant challenges in athletics and life, but we can push through and achieve our goals if we pay attention to details, receive help when given, and give grace to ourselves. We are grateful for Jodi and I will have future teams read her book."

-Aleah Hayes, Head Volleyball Coach

It’s Not About Finishing First. It’s About Winning.

Every athlete struggles with the idea that winning is about coming in first. However, it’s important to celebrate the wins of getting back out there, pushing through another hard work out, and playing the game. Jodi Greve knows the inner workings of the athlete and high performer's mind. From player to student trainer at the University of Arkansas, Jodi went on to coach women’s collegiate basketball for 14 years and helped lead the Stephen F. Austin Ladyjacks to two Southland conference championships. Jodi thrives on understanding the competitive and winning mindset that is needed in athletics to compete and be successful. She also applied that winning mindset in her own life and uses her experience to inspire others to reach their goals. On a recent journey to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, Jodi discovered winning is not about coming in first. But it’s about recommitting to that challenge every day and continuing up the mountain. In her speech, Jodi takes her audience on this journey, through her daily struggles on the mountain, battling her biggest competitor. It wasn’t the mountain; it was her mindset.​

  • Embrace the mindset to push through on a daily basis.

  • Believe that your mind and body will do things you never imagined possible when they are pushed to the limit.

  • There will be times when you need to ask for help, and why it’s ok to do so.

  • Trust the experts.

  • Learn to enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

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