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Climbing Kilimanjaro Day 3

Day 3 13 January 2019

Shira 1 to Shira 2 Camp 5 km

Elevation 3847 m (12,621 ft)

Holy shit. It was an ”easy” day. We trekked for 4 hours. For the most part, it was flat. Some incline but not horrible. I’m starting to feel fatigue set in. I’m trying to eat as many Juice Plus+ gummies as possible.

We passed a beautiful river along the way. The mountain is in full view and it is so majestic. Our CEO guides are amazing. Dennis, Moses, Barraka and I always forget the other guy’s name. But they are simply amazing. The food has been great. By lunch we were starving because it was about 1:30 p.m. before we ate. But we had chicken and some potatoes and amazing cucumber soup, which I never thought I would like. I seriously want the recipe.

I went to take a nap and actually intended to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Netflix. The nap was amazing but when I woke up, I felt so defeated. We were supposed to meet at 4:30 p.m. for introductions to the G-Fighters. Weather was still crappy. Again, I had doubt creep in my mind. I was feeling so exhausted and defeated. We went to meet the guys and they sang some traditional songs in Swahili and danced and got us to dance as well. I needed that for my soul. Seeing all those guys help us every day is motivation. It was so fun. They would grab us to dance and then we had to do sort of like at home, when you dance in a circle. It was great. Got everyone out of their comfort zone. THAT was food for my soul! It got me reenergized. Tomorrow it is just about making it 3 hours at a time. Meal to meal. I will do this. I CAN do this. I WILL do this!

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1 Comment

Shannon Smith Gustafson
Shannon Smith Gustafson
Aug 18, 2021

We found your blog as we were searching for the cucumber soup recipe, too! Our thoughts were the same initially, but not after the first bite!! Did you ever find one that was similar?!

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