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Climbing Kilimanjaro Day 4

Day 4 14 January 2019

Shira 2 to Lava Tower to Barranco 10 km

Elevation 4600 m (15,092) & 3950 m (12,959 ft)

Holy shit. The Lava Tower is 4600 m high. This was a BITCH. It took us about 5 hours. I struggled the whole time. Thankfully, Jessica and Tom walked with me. Jessica really helped me more than she realized. It was the second to the last stop, I had to give Baraka my bag. I gave in. I felt horrible, but it made such a difference. At lunch I thanked Jessica and started crying like I am now. She gave me a big hug and told me I am doing a great job despite everything. I really believe all 9 of these people were purposely put in my life.

We then had another 2.5-hour walk down to the next camp. Moses and Baraka walked with me and Jessica as we definitely couldn’t keep up with the others. Almost like our own private tour. I thanked Moses over and over again, even though it is his job. I still appreciate what he is doing. We get to camp about 25 minutes after the other group which is at about 3900 m. I’m pretty tired, but the downhill part helped me recover. Today is the first day my legs felt something. I haven’t been sore at all, which surprised me. My knees are sore because of going downhill. But honestly the only thing that is a struggle is my lungs. My recovery has been good though.

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