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1 on 1 Coaching


"Jodi is incredibly insightful, supportive, and positive. Her uplifting and compassionate energy creates a safe space to take a deep look at challenging elements in life creating forward movement. I had so much fun coaching with her and we made a lot of progress. She helped me see things with an open perspective to help reframe where I was stuck in order to grow."


Together in individual personalized coaching sessions, we will reflect on and identify potential roadblocks and possible triggers preventing maximum performance and create a road map of how to move forward and unleash a high-performing elite future.  


The Energy Leadership Index tool will be used to assess a client’s energy in both normal and stressful situations.  This assessment will be the foundation upon which we will recognize how to change one’s inhibiting thoughts and behaviors to maximize one’s potential and elevate performance.  With rising up to a new level of excellence, a new standard is born, and together we can envision and devise a new plan for what might be next!

Are you ready to talk about how we can work together? Schedule a 15-minute introductory session today!

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