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Control the Controllables

I use this phrase often with my teams that I coach and friends that come to me for advice. We have to control what we are able to control. That is our energy, our reaction to events, that is us. In a basketball game we cannot control what the referees call or how the other team plays. We can control the energy that we have. We can control how much we stick to the game plan. We can control our communication. We also control the way we react to a call. This is the same in the game of life. Too often we want to make someone else act or react a certain way that fits OUR thinking and lifestyle. And then we get upset when they don’t. If we would go in to a situation (can be a meeting, a workout, or just the start of our day) with the mindset that we control our energy and our reactions, then we have done all that we can do, and things will work out exactly how they are supposed to. Start your day in control!

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