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Casting Vision

I’m sure you have seen or heard about vision boards from someone you know or someone they know. When I first heard about them, I thought they were cheesy. I didn’t think I needed a poster board of a bunch of cut out letters and pictures from a magazine hanging anywhere in my house or office. Plus, what happens if nothing on that board comes to fruition? Then what? How dumb will I look then? Then I started to hear people talk about having a word for their year. What?! Now you want me to try and forecast what my entire year is going to be like? How the hell am I supposed to do that? Good time to point out that I am neither creative nor good at vocabulary so both of these things could have been my head saying run so you won’t suck at this.

The older I got the more I saw people making vision boards. I saw the fun they were having at the get togethers while making them. What I didn’t see was how people stayed accountable to these throughout the entire year, and that bothered me in a way. Not sure why, but I decided if I ever did one, I needed accountability throughout the entire year.

Last year I inadvertently had a word for 2019. I don’t remember if I was listening to a podcast, reading a book or watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I decided that my word for the year was going to be explore. No one was talking about it. It just popped in my head, “I think I should use the word explore this year and explore as much as I can.” This happened at the very beginning of January and right before I would leave for Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. At the time, I just thought it was going to be about me exploring that mountain, the Serengeti and the country.

As time went on. I realized how much I was exploring. My exploration wasn’t only dealing with the world through my travels. It came with exploring myself. How I think, how I feel, how I deal. Everything. I explored my relationships with my family and friends, the people I love. Some had great revelations, and some did not. And that is ok because I am finding out what is working for me in order to be the best version of myself.

With the year winding down I looked back at how many times the word explore came in to my life throughout the year. I saw it pop up over and over again in unique situations. I was a believer that having a word for the year was good. That is when I decided I needed to create a vision board. What better way to do this than to have a party? Here I am the person who had never done one before and thought they were too cheesy for me and I am going to lead several other ladies in creating their vision boards! Like Rachel Hollis, I know there is tons of free information on the internet, so I googled the best way to have a vision board party. When I pitched the idea to my friend Dominique she suggested having the party in December, that way we were rolling in to the New Year with the clear vision. I created a worksheet for everyone to fill out and we had a blast!

I had seven friends come over. It was a great group of six because we were all different. We were in different parts of our lives, various occupations and the common thread was what we were all wanting to do in in 2020. Succeed.

I have no doubt since we casted this vision for ourselves that we are going to do just that. Putting it out there, what we want for ourselves is scary, yet rewarding and will be gratifying the day we see it come to fruition. We have also found an accountability group with each other to help each other stay focused on what we are working to do in the upcoming year. If it doesn’t come to fruition, so what? Just because the year ends, doesn’t mean that particular dream has to.

We are not only closing out on another year we are closing out a DECADE! I am not sure if any other new decade felt quite like this to me. Maybe it is because I am older. Maybe it is because I am hearing it on every channel, every social media platform. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is how impactful this next year is going to be.

What is your vision for 2020?

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