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I am very fortunate to have friends all over the place. From Germany, to London, to Australia, to Florida, I know that I can visit friends almost anywhere. I understand that not everyone has friends all over the world. The one thing that you should have though, is a community. Find yourself a community that has the same thoughts, values, motivation, and zest for life that you have. I am even more fortunate to have found one of those.

This past month has been crazy. I watched a friend get married. I began my speaking tour with 5 universities in the state of Texas speaking to some amazing athletes. I also had to sit and watch my dad in the hospital for two weeks as he recovered from surgery from a broken leg. And then I got to be with my community. These people are some of the most fun, energetic, nurturing and lively people I know! And we are all on the same mission. That is to help spread healthy living around the world and have a blast while doing it!

I attended our conference in Austin this past week and it could not have come at a better time. When anyone is dealing with a sick family member, it puts so much stress on you that you don’t always see it. When I got to conference on Wednesday for an extra special training, all the emotions came out. Luckily, I had one of my good friends there to be with me as I was dealing with it.

As conference went on, I couldn’t help but be in an uplifting mood. The energy that is produced in that community is unmatched. I have been to hundreds of sporting events, concerts and nothing compares to the energy there. We spent the days with 8,000+ people learning about how we can help others live a healthier life and at night, we spent our time catching up with our friends and feeding our souls with positive energy, dancing and maybe some adult cocktails.

I believe timing is everything. It was very fortunate that I was with my dad that day he broke his leg. It was also very fortunate that our conference was in Texas this year. I needed to be with my community at this point in time. As much as I wanted to sulk or be down, there was no way I could be with that energy. And it is contagious. This community genuinely cares about each other and wants the best for everyone. No competition. No threatening actions. No “one upping” each other. No jealousy. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, everyone loves you for who you are and where you want to go.

Find yourself a community like that. One that empowers everyone. One that is positive. One that lights your fire. One that pushes you to do better every day. One that is honest and does not sugar coat the truth. One that you want to stay out all night with and want to get up early the next morning because you just want to keep getting better together. One that is the hype group for an international conference. And finally, one that wants you to be the best you. If you don’t have that community, come join ours!! We love new friends!!!

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