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Happy New Year!! Wow!! It is 2020. That is so bizarre to me. I saw a meme on the internet yesterday that stated the year 2050 is just as far away as 1990. WHOOOOOAAAAA….. Let that sink if for a little bit. Where were you in 1990? I was in the sixth grade in Del Rio, Texas. The fall of 1990 is when I met my first love, basketball. Does 1990 feel like forever ago, or just the other day to you? I honestly cannot decide. However, 2050 feel like light years away. That is a year that you see out of a science fiction movie. For now, it is 2020. Let’s get into that.

In my last post I talked about casting a vision and creating a vision board for this year. I ran my second workshop a few days ago to help others with a road map to their vision. I briefly talked about my word for 2019 was explore. Read the previous post if you want to know more about why I chose that word. I am now sharing with you what my word for 2020 is….in a second.

I struggled to come up with a word that fit me and that I felt had some meaning behind it. This is no shock to me because honestly, I am not great with words or descriptions when it comes to using it for myself. If a friend needed help, I could throw out suggestions easily. When it comes to me, for whatever reason, it isn’t as easy. I wanted something that was related to what I want to do this year as I speak to different groups. What word could describe how I wanted to influence, challenge and motivate people as I talked? When meeting with a group of my Rise Business Conference friends, I expressed my frustration with figuring out a word for 2020. Immediately my friend suggested a great word. She said she saw how I could have this effect on the people I speak to and the people I am around on a daily basis. She told me that this year would be something to me with all of the plans I had laid out for myself.

I thought about it. I sat on it. I slept on it. The next morning, I saw it come to mind over and over again. She was right. This word is exactly what I wanted to do to people over the next year. I knew this would be my year of “it”. The word, impact.

I want to have a positive impact on you, my readers. I want to be able to share something this year that has a positive impact on your life. I want to impact people’s lives all year and encourage them to do more, to explore more and create a lasting impact. I know the things that I have planned for myself will make a HUGE impact on my life and it is EXCITING!!! I am ready for this year and all of the positive impact!

So tell me...what’s your word?

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